WATCH: Perdue Among Senate’s “Most Absent Members” And “Frequent No-Show”

December 14, 2020

Perdue skipped the last debate with his opponent Jon Ossoff and hasn’t held a single public town hall in his entire six year term

ATLANTA — A new CBS46 report revealed Senator David Perdue to be “among the Senate’s most absent members,” missing several key hearings and votes, sometimes “in order to attend fundraisers,” instead of working for Georgia families and small businesses. The devastating report comes just weeks after national and local press slammed Perdue for refusing to debate his opponent and repeatedly dodging reporters to avoid accountability heading into the January runoff. 


Key excerpts from CBS46’s report on Perdue’s record as a “frequent no-show” in the Senate:

Rick Folbaum: “CBS46 News has dug through the congressional record and found that Senator Perdue has been among the Senate’s most absent members. Skipping hearings, missing votes, sometimes in order to attend fundraisers.”

Folbaum: “Georgia Senator David Perdue has been a frequent no-show, missing important hearings on ISIS and terrorism in 2016. Skipping half of the Agriculture Committee’s hearings on the 2018 Farm Bill. And missing a Senate Armed Services Committee hearing on Russian interference into the 2016 presidential election.”

Folbaum: “In 2018, Perdue skipped a Banking Committee hearing in order to host a fundraiser for Governor Brian Kemp. In 2019, he missed two Senate hearings to attend fundraisers with wealthy donors. This one cost as much as $2,500.”


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