Absentee ballots must be submitted and received by your county registrar by Election Day, Tuesday, November 30.

Once I receive my absentee ballot, how do I return it?

Once you have thoroughly read and filled out your absentee ballot, return it as soon as possible. All absentee ballots must be returned and received by Election Day on Tuesday, November 30.

You can return your ballot one of three ways:

  • Mail: You can mail your ballot to your county registrar’s office. If mailing your ballot, we recommend you do so no later than November 23 so it arrives by Election Day on November 30. If you mail your ballot after this date, use express or overnight mail to ensure your ballot arrived by the deadline.
  • Ballot drop box: You can drop your ballot off at a ballot drop box in the county in which you are registered to vote until November 26. Call the hotline at ​​1-888-730-5816 for information on where ballot drop boxes are located.
  • Drop off in person: You can bring your ballot directly to your county registrar’s office during business hours by Election Day on November 30.
  • No Drop off at your election day precinct. You cannot return your absentee ballot at your election day precinct.

To find your county registrar’s address, go online at MVP

First, enter your first initial, last name, county, and date of birth.  

Look in the lower left quadrant and click on the “county registrar” link.

For all questions or issues, call the Georgia Voter Protection Hotline: 888-730-5816.

Voting Absentee FAQs

If I have a physical disability or am unable to read English, can I receive assistance to complete my ballot?

Yes, voters who are physically disabled or unable to read English may receive assistance to complete and return their ballot. You can ask anyone to help you except for the following categories of people: an employer, a labor union official, a candidate on the ballot, or the family member of a candidate on the ballot.

Can I still vote in person if I applied for an absentee ballot?

Yes, you can.  So long as the county has not received and accepted your absentee ballot, you can change your mind and choose to vote in person.  If you have your absentee ballot in your possession, take it with you to the polls and give it to the poll worker. The poll worker will dispose of your old ballot and let you vote at the polling place.  If you do not have your absentee ballot in your possession (for example, you have not received it yet, or you’ve misplaced it), that’s okay too. Simply tell the poll worker you applied for one, but that you’d like to vote in person instead. The poll worker will ask you to sign a form where you swear you haven’t voted, and then you’ll be permitted to vote in person.

How do I know my absentee ballot has been received?

To check the status of your absentee ballot application, log on to MVP

Check the lower left quadrant to find: “Click here for Absentee Ballot/Early Voting status.”

For any questions or problems voting on election day, call the Democratic Party of Georgia’s Voter Protection Hotline for assistance at 888-730-5816.

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