Questions Walker Must Answer as He Continues “Lucrative Paid Speaking Engagements Behind Closed Doors” and Avoids Georgians

February 10, 2022

Today, Herschel Walker will be giving yet another paid-but-undisclosed speech “behind closed doors” after the Atlanta Journal-Constitution reported last month that the Trump-tapped Georgia Senate candidate has been avoiding Georgians on the campaign trail while maintaining a “busy slate of lucrative paid speaking engagements behind closed doors.” Walker has refused to disclose what he’s saying to get paid behind closed doors as a Senate candidate and has avoided “telling Georgians his positions while trying to skirt more embarrassing gaffes.”

Some questions Walker needs to answer for Georgians after his closed-door speech in Texas tonight:

  • What are you saying to get paid behind closed doors that you don’t want Georgians to know about?
  • How many more paid, closed-door speeches will you be giving as a Senate candidate?
  • Will you commit to holding open events with Georgia voters and local press?

​​In response, Congresswoman Nikema Williams, Chair of the Democratic Party of Georgia, released the following statement:

“Instead of letting Georgia voters hear what he has to say, Herschel Walker is saving his real opinions for the people who pay. Georgians demand he answer their questions: Will he open up his events in Georgia to the press? Will he start being honest with the people of Georgia, who deserve to know what he’s saying to get paid behind closed doors? Voters shouldn’t have to pay to hear where someone running for office stands on the issues that matter to the people of Georgia. If he can’t be open and honest as a candidate, what kind of Senator would he be?” 

Read AJC’s coverage on Walker’s lack of transparency with Georgians here.


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