WATCH: David Perdue’s Hiding Campaign Draws Local News Backlash

November 12, 2020

ATLANTA — Georgia voters and members of the media have not seen or heard from Senator David Perdue since he was forced into a January runoff almost nine days ago. Now, after failing to gain the support of a majority of Georgians on Election Day, Perdue is in hiding. But Perdue’s disappearing act is not new to the runoff – he’s been ducking Georgians and local press his entire re-election bid. 

Recent local coverage of Senator Perdue’s “stealth campaign” raises the question – what does Senator Perdue have to hide?

An 11Alive report exposed Perdue’s “stealth campaign,” noting Georgians “have not heard a lot from Senator Perdue” and investigated “why the sounds of silence may be by design.” One constituent noted she doesn’t know “anyone who has had face-to-face time with Sen. Perdue,” after trying to get a hold of him for about “three-and-a-half years.”

Atlanta’s CBS46 “tried to get a sit down with Senator Perdue for an interview,” but although Perdue says he wants an “open dialogue with all of his constituents,” CBS46 found that’s “not always the case.” The report details that only “donors” were “getting access to the Senator these days,” before noting that Senator Perdue has not held a single public town hall in his six-year Senate term.

Albany’s WALB reported having several interviews canceled by Senator Perdue. WALB said the TV station scheduled “multiple interviews with Sen. David Perdue,” but that “each time, his team canceled.”

WSB-TV in Atlanta reported that “while we’ve asked the Perdue campaign for several interviews since Election Day, so far they’ve chosen not to speak publicly.” The station later reiterated that “while we have requested interviews with the Perdue campaign over the past few days, so far Perdue has stayed silent.”

In Columbus, WRBL said they “heard from one of Senator Perdue’s representatives and they said his schedule was full, but they will keep us posted when it clears up.”

Days later, WRBL said they reached out again to Perdue “multiple times this week for an interview,” but still “he has not been available.”

The Marietta Daily Journal reported getting “blanked” by Senator Perdue’s office when local journalists were barred from entering an event with Senator Perdue hosted by Vinings Bank. Even after receiving invites from both the bank and the senator’s office, the two journalists were “ushered away” after attempting to enter the room, being told by staff there was no media allowed.


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