Volunteer Role Description

On occasion we need to reach out to large groups of voters quickly. This generally happens right before important deadlines, during early vote, and right after the election.  Sometimes we can anticipate phone banking and texting needs in advance, and other times we respond to unexpected events.  We need volunteers who can spend significant time calling or texting voters during these critical periods. For instance, in the days after an election we’ll have volunteers contacting certain voters who voted provisionally to inform them they need to provide additional documentation to the county for their vote to be counted.

In addition, we may ask volunteers to assist us in reaching out to other volunteers to confirm their assignments and availability.

Phone and text banking can be done from the location of your choosing—perhaps from your home or at an organized event with friends. You do not have to make calls from your personal number, but you will be asked to use your personal phone and/or laptop. DPG will provide you a script to follow and any necessary training materials.

No previous experience is necessary. This initiative begins in March and continues throughout the year.

Responsibilities and Expectations of the Job:

  • You must have access to a phone to phone bank, and to a smart phone or a laptop to text bank
  • If you confirm your availability for a shift, you must try your hardest to get through your contact list. For most call and texting campaigns, time is of the essence!

This Job is for You If:

  • You have a block of hours you can dedicate during crucial times in the election cycle.
  • You want to volunteer from the location of your choosing.
  • You want to volunteer alone, with a group of friends, or as an organization.
  • You have a customer service mentality and a commitment to helping every caller

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