Volunteer Role Description

Political Parties are permitted by law to designate individuals as “poll watchers” to observe the administration of elections. Just by being there, a poll watcher’s presence at a polling place helps promote transparency and accountability. In addition, poll watchers track important data, such as how long voters wait to vote, whether election equipment is operating correctly, and whether proper opening and closing protocols are adhered to. Poll watchers report data, concerns, and incidents directly to DPG Voter Protection in real-time. Poll watchers are our eyes and ears on the ground during voting, and an essential part of our voter protection efforts.

No previous experience is necessary.  You will receive training materials and be required to attend a training conference call. 

Responsibilities and Expectations of the Job:

  • You must be available for a half-day of poll watching on Election Day (March 24, 2020). The morning shift is from 6:30 am to 1 pm.  The evening shift is from 1 pm to 7:30 pm.
  • You must have your own transportation to the polling location
  • You must have access to a smart phone that you can use throughout the day to communicate incidents to DPG Voter Protection
  • You must be able to pick up your official poll watching badge from the County Board of Elections during business hours. You will not be permitted to poll watch without this badge!
  • You must have access to a printer so you can print out your official poll watcher letter
  • You must review training materials and attend the training call on Thursday, March 19 at 10 am (or listen to the audio recording of the call, which will be distributed after the call is completed).
  • You must check your email regularly for information from DPG about poll watching

This Job is for You If:

  • You can commit substantial hours on election day
  • You can commit several hours to review detailed training materials in advance
  • You are a problem solver and critical thinker
  • You don’t mind volunteering by yourself (or maybe with one other volunteer)

Additional Important Information:

Signing up now lets us know you are interested in poll watching, but does not guarantee you a spot.  We will confirm placement with you in early March.

We are limited by law in the number of people we can assign to polling places.  Once we hit our number, we cannot accept any more volunteers.

The converse of this is if you are offered a spot and you confirm you can volunteer, please make every effort to fulfill your commitment.  Once you are assigned to a location and your name is submitted to the county, we CANNOT replace you.  If you drop out, your location will not be covered.

If you are not assigned as a poll watcher for the March Presidential Preference Primary, please volunteer with Voter Protection in some other way.  We will expand to more locations for the May Primary. We will be in contact with you about this opportunity.

You do not have to be a Georgia resident to poll watch in Georgia.

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