Volunteer as a Voter Protection Coordinator!

The Democratic Party of Georgia has led the country in state-level voter protection efforts, from being the first state party to hire a full-time voter protection director, to the year round hotline program that served over 40,000 voters in 2018 alone. These efforts are some of the most important work the Party does: making sure that every Georgia voter can cast their ballot and make their voice heard. 

Now, the Party is expanding the program to every corner of Georgia through a new county-level initiative to identify and train Voter Protection Coordinators in every Georgia county. 

These positions will be instrumental in ensuring county-level support for every voter in the state, in addition to state level efforts. Volunteers will act as a liaison between the state Voter Protection program and their county, with the DPG providing support and training. They will attend monthly county election board meetings, report back to our voter protection team on any events or issues that may arise, and ensure that county party leadership is fully apprised of our statewide voter protection efforts. As we approach elections, the VP Coordinators may need to take a more active role in such tasks as disseminating voter education materials and helping to recruit poll watchers.

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Have questions? Please contact our team at voterprotection@georgiademocrat.org