#TBT: As Report Shows Georgians Face Jobless Benefits Cliff, Loeffler Previously Claimed “No Big Need” for Expanded Unemployment Relief

November 19, 2020

After her own family took millions in federal subsidies, Loeffler previously called needed aid “government dependency” as over 300,000 Georgians face benefits cliff in December

ATLANTA — With a new report showing that over 300,000 Georgians could lose access to expanded unemployment relief in December, today’s #TBT is a reminder that unelected “political mega-donor” Senator Kelly Loeffler previously claimed she was “not seeing a big need” to extend now-expired emergency unemployment benefits.

This week, a report from the Century Foundation revealed that Loeffler and her Senate Republican colleagues’ failure to pass desperately needed coronavirus relief could result in hundreds of thousands of Georgians facing a potential jobless benefits cliff just after Christmas. But Loeffler — whose family has taken “millions in subsidies” from the federal government, including from CARES Act funds — has dismissed coronavirus relief as “government dependency” despite the dire straits for many Georgia families.  

“Once again, Senator Kelly Loeffler’s failure to provide relief means that Georgia families could be left out in the cold just after the holidays,” said Alex Floyd, spokesman for the Democratic Party of Georgia. “But instead of working hard to pass relief for out-of-work Georgians, Senator Loeffler is too busy spending her time in DC illegally fundraising on government property at a time when Georgians need help.”


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