Key Questions Brad Raffensperger Needs To Answer In Today’s Press Conference

June 8, 2020

ATLANTA – Today, the Democratic Party of Georgia called on Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger to answer key questions at today’s press conference about his mishandling of Georgia’s June 9th primary election so far and what his office will do to correct course for Georgia’s August and November elections.

  1. Does the Secretary of State consider nearly 8 hour lines and voters not casting a ballot until 2am voter suppression?
  2. What is the Secretary of State’s office doing to support counties, including Fulton , Cobb, and Dekalb that lack enough resources, training or polling places to conduct elections safely and prevent the nearly 8 hour lines that Georgia saw during early voting?
  3. Given the rising coronavirus rates in Georgia and confirmation from health officials that we may see another outbreak this fall, when will Raffensperger’s administration commit to mailing vote by mail ballot applications to all registered Georgia voters for the August and November primaries?
  4. Since many Georgians who have been waiting months since applying for their vote by mail ballot have yet to receive it, will the Secretary of State guarantee that ballots postmarked by Election Day will count?
  5. How is the Secretary of State ensuring that all polling locations on Election Day have adequate protective equipment for poll workers and Georgia voters?
  6. Why did the Secretary of State use valuable time before Election Day creating a voter fraud task force, when voter fraud is incredibly rare in the state, instead of issuing early guidance to counties or ensuring that mail-in ballots were mailed quickly to voters?
  7. What will the Secretary of State do to ensure that the significant issues of election administration before the June 9th primary are fixed before Georgia’s elections in August and November?
  8. How does the Secretary of State intend to quickly and effectively communicate voting-related issues and changes to the public, so that voters feel informed, the spread of misinformation is limited, and trust and transparency are built into the elections process?


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