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Release: DPG Chair Responds to News of Multi-Million Dollar Settlements in Ethics Lawsuits Involving Nathan Deal

June 13, 2014

Press Release

Release: DPG Chair Responds to News of Probable Million Dollar Settlement in Second Ethics Lawsuit Involving Nathan Deal

June 6, 2014

Press Release

Release: DPG Chair on Passing of Rep. Wyc Orr

May 29, 2014

Press Release

Memorial Day Message from Senator Ed Harbison

May 25, 2014

Press Release

Release: Chairman Porter’s Statement on Tuesday’s Primaries Results

May 21, 2014

Press Release

Georgia Democratic Leaders Mark 60th Anniversary of Brown v. Board of Education Decision

May 17, 2014

Press Release

Release: Georgia Federal Health Care Exchange Enrollment Surge Among Highest in Nation

May 2, 2014

Press Release

Release: DPG Names Herman Russell This Year’s Recipient of the John Lewis Lifetime Achievement Award

April 24, 2014

Press Release

Release: DPG Vice Chair and Rockdale Tax Commissioner RJ Hadley receives 2014 Civic and Community Engagement Award from ACCG

April 15, 2014

Press Release

DPG Chair Responds to Verdict in Ethics Trial Related to Gov. Nathan Deal

April 4, 2014

Press Release

Release: Trial Investigating Georgia Governor’s Alleged Interference with Ethics Violations Underway in Atlanta

April 2, 2014

Press Release

Release: DPG Chair Calls on GA GOP to Table Extreme Health Care Legislation

March 18, 2014

Press Release

Release: Senator Jason Carter Qualifies to run for Governor of Georgia

March 5, 2014

Press Release

Release: The Modern Georgia Republican Party

February 21, 2014

Press Release

Radical Georgia GOP’s New Low: HB 1023 and SB 377

February 20, 2014

Press Release

Nathan Deal’s Georgia: Where “Swing and a Miss” Becomes the Status Quo

February 13, 2014

Press Release

Georgia Democrats Mourn Loss of Former Savannah Mayor Floyd Adams

February 3, 2014

Press Release

Release: DPG Chair DuBose Porter Issues Statement on Winter Storm

January 29, 2014

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