Our Party

The Democratic Party of Georgia (DPG), is the official Democratic Party organization of the state of Georgia. Georgia Democrats are a diverse group with over 300 elected State Committee Members (Voting Members) and more than 4,000 core stakeholders statewide. These include: Democratic Elected Officials; State Committee Members; County Committee Members; advisory caucuses; affiliate groups; grassroots activists and of course, our valued donors.

DPG State Committee Members are elected by their County Democratic Committee to serve four year terms. DPG Officers are in turn elected by State Committee Members and also serve four year terms.

The Democratic Party of Georgia is a volunteer-based organization that relies primarily on financial donations to fund Party work. Under the direction of the elected Chair, Executive Committee, and Executive Director, the Party employs a professional staff to serve the larger organization throughout the year.

Georgia Democrats promote the ideals of the Democratic Party and work to increase voter turnout to elect Democratic candidates at every level. The Party fulfills State level responsibilities for the DNC and supports and sanctions County Democratic Committees in Georgia. The DPG is responsible for qualifying and nominating Democratic Candidates at the State, District and County level, and for performing such primary and election functions that are required by law. The Party serves as the bridge between rank-and-file organizers, candidates and our officeholders.

The role of the state party includes:

  • Building and maintaining state and local party organizations
  • Qualifying and nominating Democratic Candidates
  • Outreach to Democratic constituencies
  • Developing and implementing a comprehensive, year-round Unified Campaign plan
  • Crafting and communicating the state party’s message
  • Raising the financial resources to fund the party’s operations and campaigns
  • Managing state party voter files and targeting information
  • Organizing state conventions and overseeing platform development
  • Drafting and implementing the delegate selection plan for the DNC
  • Recruiting candidates and activists
  • Training candidates, staff members and volunteers
  • Lobbying for election law changes and other legislative matters


Our Platform can be found here. Our Charter can be found here. Our Bylaws can be found here.

Currently, the Democratic Party of Georgia is prohibited from endorsing or supporting a Democratic candidate who has opposition during a primary or Democratic opposition during a special election. However, leadership of the Georgia House and Senate Democratic Caucuses may opt to support incumbent legislators.

To find out how you can get involved with the DPG, sign up here or find a meeting near you.