Grassroots Georgia

The Democratic Party of Georgia is looking for a new generation of campaign talent to design and organize a new political movement for Georgia’s Democrats to keep moving this state forward to Democratic victories! You can be the deciding factor in growing our party & bringing about a more progressive Georgia!

Paid Field Canvassing Positions:

Grassroots Georgia is a field initiative of the Democratic Party of Georgia dedicated to energizing, growing and mobilizing the base of the party. Paid field canvassing positions are an essential part of this initiative. These positions entail canvassing neighborhoods throughout the state – with an emphasis on specific targeted legislative districts and the metro Atlanta area. Beyond the overall goal of being a positive representation of the Democratic Party of Georgia, canvassers work hard to motivate and organize Georgia Democrats to become politically active whether at a local or state level.

The typical workday runs from 2:30 pm to 9:00 pm, Monday through Friday. Each workday is divided into two parts: training and canvassing. Training runs from 2:30 pm until 3:30 pm. Canvassers then travel out into the field in teams to canvass generally from 4:15 pm until 8:00 pm. Part time positions are also available.

Field Manager Position:

Field Manager positions are paid canvassing positions that involve more leadership and more responsibility. Beyond their own canvassing, field managers play a pivotal role in overseeing the overall office’s success by actively participating in staff development and conducting voter research.

Field Managers will begin the day early enough to prepare the field research for their team. This typically means a workday that runs from 1:30 pm until 9 pm. These positions require the individual to be responsible, professional and goal-oriented while having the ability to train and motivate others.

How We Are Different:

The Democratic Party of Georgia is the first state party in the country to have a fully integrated grassroots outreach project with paid canvassing positions. The program was developed not only to expand the party’s base and infrastructure, but also to cultivate a new generation of professional and experienced campaign talent for Georgia politics.

Grassroots Georgia was designed to be a campaign academy – instilling democratic activists with the necessary skills to organize future political campaigns across the state.

As a part of Grassroots Georgia, field canvassers will have the opportunity to work closely with the state party’s staff and candidates and receive exposure to campaign mechanics in the process. As our grassroots efforts expand there will be many opportunities for canvassers to move up and assume new organizing roles in the party. Having been up and running for eight years, Grassroots Georgia has already seen former staff members move from these initial positions to take on new roles as field organizers, finance directors, field directors, volunteer coordinators, campaign managers and political consultants for campaigns across the state and the country.


Field canvassers are paid positions with the Democratic Party of Georgia. Pay is divided into two components: base pay and bonus pay. Typically, for a full month, the two combined will equal between $1200 and $2600.

How to Apply:

Paid Canvassers are the backbone of our new Grassroots Georgia initiative and, as a direct link between Georgia voters and the state party, need to maintain a certain level of professionalism, enthusiasm, and performance. Begin the application process by calling (678) 278-2016 ext. 310 or emailing a resume to